Download the Tompkins Supply Chain Consortium’s Reports

The Tompkins Supply Chain Consortium publishes reports and executive briefings throughout the year in response to its members’ needs and using survey tools to identify its members’ benchmarks and best practices on a variety of topics throughout the supply chain.

Hot Topic Survey Reports

Hot Topic Reports are based on survey responses that address topics identified by Consortium members which are of immediate interest to supply chain leaders.

  • Aligning Supply Chains with Business Strategy Connecting your supply chain strategy with your business strategy is critical. This survey-based report by Tompkins Supply Chain Consortium tells the story of today’s biggest alignment challenges and how companies can overcome them in order to meet their goals.
  • Trends in the Transportation Industry Take a closer look at some of the biggest issues in transportation from 2013, and also learn the five new issues we can expect to see this year. This Tompkins Supply Chain Consortium report uncovers the most talked about transportation trends and what shippers need to know to be successful in 2014.
  • Sourcing Core Benchmarks Report Take a closer look at sourcing metrics for your supply chain in this new Tompkins Supply Chain Consortium report. From fill rates to perfect order percentages, this report explores the top metrics in the sourcing function that you can apply to your operation.
  • Supplier Scorecard: Innovation Report How do companies utilize innovation in their supplier scorecards? This new Tompkins Supply Chain Consortium report explores how companies not only measure innovation, but also how they work with suppliers to improve it and award business based on innovation.
  • Supply Chain Organization Models Report In this report by Tompkins Supply Chain Consortium, discover the value of organizational design and change management. Just like business and markets, organizations must evolve to remain relevant and meet their long-term goals. Download this report to learn key the features and approaches to managing organizational change.
  • Applying Lean Methods to Supply Chains Lean concepts drive improvements in several supply chain operational areas. From reduced costs to improved employee morale, lean is a valuable solution. Read this new report by Tompkins Supply Chain Consortium to learn how you can apply lean concepts to your supply chain.
  • Taking the Supply Chain to the Shelf In the past, supply chains ended once delivery was made to the distribution center. Today’s supply chains, however, are extended to the customer’s retail location. This new report by Tompkins Supply Chain Consortium explores how industry leaders are approaching this change and taking their products all the way “to the shelf.”
  • Today’s Network Design Process Today’s network design process is constantly evolving. Technology and software capabilities that were once adequate are no longer considered appropriate. In this new report by Tompkins Supply Chain Consortium, learn more about when to use network design and why it is so important.
  • Spotlight on Third-Party Logistics (3PL): Supply Chain Talent Report The Spotlight on Third-Party Logistics (3PL) Report is part of a series of targeted breakout reports from Tompkins Supply Chain Consortium’s Supply Chain Talent Report. As talent continues to be a hot topic for supply chains, discover what is happening on this topic in the 3PL industry.
  • Spotlight on Consumer Packaged Goods Manufacturers: Supply Chain Talent Report The Spotlight on Consumer Packaged Goods Manufacturers Report is part of a series of targeted breakout reports from Tompkins Supply Chain Consortium’s Supply Chain Talent Report. As talent continues to be a hot topic for supply chains, discover what is happening on this topic in the consumer packaged goods industry.
  • Core Benchmarks: Planning – Spotlight on Achieving Planned Results Download the Hot Topic report from the Tompkins Supply Chain Consortium.
  • Spotlight on Distributors / Wholesalers – Supply Chain Talent Report The Spotlight on Distributors / Wholesalers Report is based on supply chain talent data from 24 distributor / wholesaler respondents. This report is part of a series of “breakout reports” from the Tompkins Supply Chain Consortium’s July 2013 Supply Chain Talent Report – available here.
  • Spotlight on Industrial Manufacturing: Supply Chain Talent Report The Spotlight on Industrial Manufacturing Report is part of a series of targeted breakout reports from Tompkins Supply Chain Consortium’s Supply Chain Talent Report. As talent continues to be a hot topic for supply chains, discover what is happening on this topic in the industrial manufacturing industry.
  • Spotlight on Retail: Supply Chain Talent Report The Spotlight on Retail Report is part of a series of targeted breakout reports from Tompkins Supply Chain Consortium’s Supply Chain Talent Report. As talent continues to be a hot topic for supply chains, discover what is happening on this topic in the retail industry.
  • Distribution Customer Satisfaction Core Benchmarks Core Benchmarks: Order Accuracy & Fill Rates
  • Supply Chain Talent Report Talent has emerged as a trending hot topic in the supply chain industry. The Supply Chain Talent Report places a spotlight on the supply chain workforce, including both its advancements and challenges. Based on a survey of this topic, the report shares insight from nearly 200 survey respondents. Read more to find out what was ...
  • Download the Report: Views on Reshoring The Continuing Debate: Will Manufacturing Return to the U.S.?
  • Hot Topic Report: Finished Goods Inventory Management How Today’s Outcomes Measure Up to Past Results
  • Core Benchmarks: Transportation Spotlight on Metrics for Truckload, Less-Than-Truckload, and Parcel
  • Hot Topic Report: The Biggest Challenges for Today’s Supply Chains See the biggest short-term and long-term challenges that executives face today, taken from surveys of company leaders in private equity, 3PLs, wholesale, distribution, retail, and manufacturing. Download the full report below.
  • Core Benchmarks: Distribution Operations Report How does your organization stack up to others in distribution operations? Find out where you stand with these survey results from companies across a variety of industries. Core benchmarks in distribution operations covered in this report include productivity, inventory accuracy, safety, and storage.
  • Managing Risks with Global Supply Chains Global Trade Risk Management (GTRM) is a growing concern for companies that have expanded and diversified their supply chains into new and more distant shores. The rapid increase in global sourcing has not been met with a similar escalation in risk-mitigating best practices. Overall, it is not a high enough priority on many corporate agendas, ...
  • Global Trade Management Hot Topic Report Download the Global Trade Management Report by the Tompkins Supply Chain Consortium to benchmark companies’ practices, including compliance with global laws and regulations, proper documentation and classification, communication with customs, trade management, key performance indicators, and many more best practices for the global trade industry.
  • Outsourced Distribution: Emerging Trends & Performance Satisfaction Know the trends and latest metrics in the current state of distribution outsourcing from a survey of over 90 companies by the Tompkins Supply Chain Consortium, including what these companies believe are the largest areas of opportunity for LSPs to work on.
  • Finished Goods Inventory Management: Presenting Growth & Adaptation Through Metrics Learn about the important benchmarks from this report on survey results by the Tompkins Supply Chain Consortium, including how companies are organizing and managing finished goods inventory, what metrics they use, what improvements are under consideration, and much more.
  • Supply Chain Metrics – Data for You to Compare Against With survey data from more than 100 companies spanning nine industries, use this report to compare your own data to draw your own conclusions about your supply chains. Includes supply chain benchmarks on topics ranging from logistics costs, distribution center operations, finished goods inventory turns, on-time delivery, transportation sourcing solutions, and much more.
  • China Supply Chain Perspectives – Operations and Future Investments It’s clear that many companies are moving operations to China. But in what ways are these companies using their supply chains in China for support of sales both domestically and overseas? What are their other major goals for their businesses in China? For more, read the report on the recent survey results with nearly 100 ...
  • Cycle Counting – Increase Inventory Accuracy & Eliminate Wall-to-Wall Physical Inventory The best way to greatly reduce inventory accuracy issues is through a cycle counting program. This report details cycle counting’s benefits, the four distinct processes needed when recording cycle counts, and the duties and activities needed in an organization to use cycle counting.
  • Network Design Practices – How Sophisticated is Your Supply Chain Network? Major changes in network design practices are more common now than ever before, according to a recent survey by the Tompkins Supply Chain Consortium. How will your network respond? Download the report for more on network optimization risks, goals and strategies.
  • Tax-Effective Supply Chain Management: A Critical Factor that is Frequently Overlooked Representing a complex yet great opportunity for cost reduction, Tax-Effective Supply Chain Management (TESCM) is important to any company, and particularly to those with international operations. Download the TESCM Survey Report to learn more about how companies view TESCM, and determine companies’ level of comfort and use of TESCM principles in their supply chain decision ...
  • Supply Chain Core Benchmarks: Understanding Key Metrics The goal of benchmarking is to use data to help identify specific, actionable tactics for improvements that align with your company’s goals. This Supply Chain Consortium report provides meaningful data in sufficient detail to allow you to compare your organization’s relative performance to the survey population as a whole, as well as by industry and/or ...
  • International Shipping and Incoterms: What the New International Freight Shipping Terms Mean to You The Supply Chain Consortium recently conducted a survey to understand the proliferation and sophistication of international shipping by its members. Take a look at the International Shipping and Incoterms Hot Topic Report to learn more about the new revisions and how your international shipping processes compare to others.
  • Finished Goods Inventory Management Hot Topic Report: New Views on an Old Issue Inventory issues impact operations substantially, especially when it comes to finances. Saving money by managing inventory efficiently is a major focus for most industry and market segments. This report from the Supply Chain Consortium details the results of the Finished Goods Inventory Management survey. Findings include how companies are organizing to manage their finished goods ...
  • Facility Sustainability – Leading Practices for Green Facilities Building environmentally friendly facilities is truly a hot topic across the globe today. Innovative technologies are underway to improve green facilities, and many basic practices can jumpstart companies as they begin greening their facilities. See what top companies are doing to improve their facility sustainability in this report, which focuses on the key findings from ...

Executive Briefings

  • Supply Chain Technology: Applying the Latest Products and Features to Your Supply Chain The most successful retailers are looking to ensure that their supply chains are prepared to support the evolution of consumers, whose shopping preferences are requiring companies to have demand-driven operations that support an omnichannel vision. Download this report to learn more about how the world’s leading companies are using technology to meet this challenge and ...
  • Bridging the 3PL Performance Gap Perception Report from the Tompkins Supply Chain Consortium 3PLs need to build stronger relationships with their customers. What are the main questions to consider to gain loyalty and satisfaction from 3PL customers? See more in this report from the Tompkins Supply Chain Consortium.
  • Commodity Cost & Volatility Mitigation Executive Briefing Ensure minimal impact, eliminate disruptions in supply – Learn more in this executive briefing from the Tompkins Supply Chain Consortium.
  • Distribution Center Automation Trends: Executive Briefing With ROI, company growth and customer service needs in mind, more and more distribution centers are being adapted for the latest technology and automation solutions. Learn about the trends and future spending on automation in this executive briefing.
  • Selecting a Logistics Service Provider Despite an expanding array of services being offered, not all LSPs do the same thing. LSPs are spread across the entire spectrum, taking on the characteristics of the industry (or industries) that they serve. Learn how to select the LSP that is right for your operations.
  • Domestic Transportation: The Industry is Moving Once Again Last year was about as rough as it gets for the transportation industry, and reports are coming out about how supply chain organizations dealt with the challenges. This executive briefing from the Tompkins Supply Chain Consortium examines how the lessons learned might affect supply chains as the economy gets back on track, with the goal ...
  • The Structure of Today’s Supply Chain Organizations: Charting How Companies Organize Their Supply Chains A great supply chain organization structure depends on a number of factors — mergers and acquisitions, people movement, and major supply chain shifts. Add to this mix the trend toward matrix organizations in which people are expected to wear a variety of different hats. The Supply Chain Consortium developed this Executive Briefing to benchmark supply ...
  • Supplier Relationships – Picking Up the Pieces During the past 18 months, attention has been focused on critical business needs, which did not include moving supplier relationships forward. This has left many supplier relationships dampened, broken and, in many cases, severed. To get back on track with these suppliers, this executive briefing outlines the steps and questions that company leaders should address ...

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