Service Supply Chain

Some key service supply chain challenges that organizations with reverse logistics face on a regular basis include supporting a product throughout its life cycle, ensuring that warranty claims are closed in time, minimizing product returns, tracking and managing the cost of reverse logistics, and optimizing final disposition of products.

Using a framework to make strategic reverse logistics decisions, we can help you design and implement processes and tools that ensure proper execution.

Our framework helps address complex topics of how Service Supply Chain considerations drive product design, manufacturing strategies, packaging decisions, and sourcing strategies, all the way to final disposition and recycling options.

We also help implement solutions that ensure the optimum level of resources are deployed and appropriate metrics are in place to track and achieve desired performance levels in reverse logistics.

Our service supply chain industry and subject matter experts will work with you to understand your unique challenges and help to position service management as a competitive differentiator and sustained value driver.

Profitable growth and customer loyalty are just a few of the outcomes our clients have experienced as a result of our collaborative effort.

A Service Supply Chain strategic framework considers the following high-level functional areas while designing customized solutions for you.

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