Organizational Excellence

Today’s rapidly changing business climate challenges companies to continuously improve performance. Only companies with a commitment to organizational excellence will remain competitive.

Organization Excellence Solutions

Over many years of helping the world’s top companies, Tompkins International has researched and analyzed what makes good companies great. The result is a proven practice that achieves organizational excellence. Based on client needs, we customize our solutions to produce quantitative improvements in productivity, quality and customer satisfaction. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Supply Chain Excellence—Developing a continuous improvement action plan involving all operational areas, customers and suppliers.
  • Business Process Continuous Improvement (BPCI)—A strategic and innovative approach to analyzing supply chain process to improve material tracking and control, operations flow, employee development and customer satisfaction.
  • Competency-Based Training—Assessing employee skill sets, defining future skill requirements for individuals and teams, developing curriculum, implementing training, and tracking effectiveness to ensure return on investment.
  • Performance Measurement Systems—Determining the appropriate measures and goals for all operational areas, including the specification and implementation of Labor Management Systems.
  • Performance-Based Incentive Planning—Developing and justifying monetary incentive plans
  • Benchmarking—Measuring your performance against best-in-class companies and identify improvement opportunities

Evaluating Supply Chain Performance

Supply chain performance has never been as important as it is today. Here are some resources to help determine where you are and where you need to go to achieve supply chain excellence.

Read Good, Better, Best: How to Assess Your Supply Chain Performance

Read Supply Chain Best Practices: Companies Must Define What Works for Them

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