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The Asia Opportunity

Asia presents the greatest economic opportunity of all time; it also presents the greatest challenge for global supply chains.

What was once an emerging market is now a growth market, especially in China. Whether you seek to enter Asia, expand your presence in the region, or enhance your competitive position, a strong global supply chain is the essential driver for success and profit.

Investing more time and energy into your supply chain strategy will ensure that your business model adapts to the changing role of Asia from factory floor to booming global marketplace.

With over 25 years of experience in Asia, Tompkins is well-positioned to assist multi-national firms that import from Asia, manufacture product in Asia for sale in Asia, or manufacture products outside of Asia and seek to sell them in Asia.

The Tompkins supply chain model is global, and thus our Asia offerings parallel our “Western” offerings. The objectives of reducing costs, risks, inventory and taxes while increasing speed, visibility and customer satisfaction remain the same.

However, the reality is that Asia is very different — the region has become a key global supply point and hub of global economic growth with quickly evolving supply chain infrastructures, capabilities and strengths. Western managers often falsely believe that Asia’s economic transformation means that it will adopt western ways of doing business.

To the contrary, Western managers often find doing business in Asia to be difficult, slow, risky and fraught with supply chain challenges, frustrations and failure. The huge growth of the China marketplace, the opening of the country’s interior, and the dynamics of government priorities in China all present unique and significant supply chain challenges.

Tompkins stands ready to help you deal with global and Asia-for-Asia supply chain challenges and opportunities as you extend your supply chain throughout Asia.

To learn more about achieving supply chain excellence in Asia, follow the cycle of supply chain mega-processes below.

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