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The Amazon Effect

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Tompkins provides the right path to market using the appropriate organizational and process support to develop an effective distribution strategy.

Key services include:

  • Audit the effectiveness of your current distribution system/processes and distributors.
  • Benchmark against competition to identify areas of advantage/disadvantage.
  • Determine alternative strategies and tactics to create competitive differentiation/advantage.
  • Identify and qualify attractive distributors for consideration.

A distribution assessment involves a combination of internal and external market research and will analyze the impact of key variables:

  • Route to market
  • Description of value chain players and roles
  • Markups along the chain
  • Logistical flow and key issues
  • Major distributors/specifiers in the market
  • Promotional and service support requirements
  • Channel dynamics-risks and opportunities

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The Amazon Effect: The innovations of Amazon make up one of the tipping points all industries must respond to. Learn more in this video on The Amazon Effect and what it means to you.

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