Customer Assessment

The Amazon Effect

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Customer assessment is a core service provided by Tompkins and is critical to determining target market, as well as product/service offering, promotional support, CRM, and channel access. Tools used to evaluate customer potential:

  • Performance gap analysis – objective view of client performance at key customers along major service parameters
  • Customer needs analysis – exploring priority needs/wants of customers, notably unmet needs, as means to determine penetration leverage by client
  • New product/service investigation -- testing acceptability of a new product or service among targeted customer group to determine viability of new product introduction, specifications of the product/service offering, and pricing
  • Opportunity mapping — identifying and quantifying most attractive customer targets
  • Voice of Customer (VOC) — probing target customers on various parameters to help shape client offering, CRM approach, competitive vulnerability, and extended service offerings
  • Benchmarking to develop strengths and weaknesses



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