Logistics Service Provider Strategic Market Planning

Client Success Story

A Canadian LSP interested in expanding into the US and new industries needed an impartial list of merger and acquisition target companies, while remaining anonymous.

Logistics Service Provider MergerClient Overview

Client is a major Canadian Logistics Service Provider (LSP) with a mandate from their corporate parent to grow the business through both organic means and M&A activity.

The Challenge

  • Interested in expanding into the United States and into industries not currently within their portfolio.
  • Required a list of viable target companies for M&A overtures.
  • Needed to remain anonymous in the early approaches to potential targets
  • Wanted an impartial initial. investigation of possible companies to pursue.

Tompkins’ Role

  • Developed a master list of North American LSPs.
  • Determined size and market focus of each company on the list.
  • Identified companies that met the client’s specific target criteria.
  • Developed a standardized investigation guide to be used in a high-level interview approach to the targets.
  • Approached each target to validate its place on the target list and to establish its interest in further talks.
  • Pared the list down to final candidates for direct discussions and recommended top prospects.

The Results

  • Client is a market leader in its geography and verticals and is in the process of expanding into both of these areas.
  • Armed with a comprehensive repository of names and information upon which to base M&A decisions, the client can confidently look to expand in the United States and into verticals not yet explored on either side of the border.
  • The synergies gained in taking Canadian expertise to new markets south of the border and bringing acquired, complementary strengths northwards will resonate well in the marketplace.
  • The client’s growth plans are solidly in place and ready to execute.
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