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The market for third-party logistics service providers (3PLs) is expected to continue to grow as shippers look for new and innovative ways to reduce costs, shed non-core competencies, and improve their competitive position. While this creates new opportunities for shippers working with a 3PL, it can also bring challenges.

Why is Tompkins Unique?

We understand that outsourcing relationships are about much more than cost. At Tompkins International, we link supply chain expertise with logistics expertise. This unique view enables our experts to provide objective and practical points-of-view.

Our team can serve shippers, private equity firms, and 3PLs, whether from a global, regional, or local level. We also service contract logistics providers, freight forwarders, and specialized service providers. Several of our experts have managed 3PLs themselves, providing real-world experience and deep knowledge.

For 3PLs, specialty services include strategy development, new service lines and geographies, operations improvement, technology evaluation, selection and implementation, distribution center design, material handling integration, voice of the customer, and sales and marketing.

*Discover a new way for 3PLs to benchmark.

Meeting Your Challenges

We can help you address challenges such as:

Achieving Profitable Growth: We believe in several key strategies for profitable growth, including targeting specific industries and geographies, business expansion with current 3PL clients, and offering high value services.

Changing Distribution Patterns: While order fulfillment cycles are shortening, supply chains are still very long. How do you help your clients balance inventory and logistics costs in order to serve their customers? Where should your facilities be located? What modes of transportation do you need to support?

Globalization: We can help you best address the needs for new opportunities in emerging markets.China and Asia present unique challenges as the region shifts from being the world’s factory floor to a booming global marketplace. Do you have a plan to leverage this opportunity?

Supply Chain Complexity:There are so many parties involved in today’s supply chains. Our experts will navigate through this complexity with you to effectively manage your supply chain.

Technology: Today’s technologies operated by service providers are becoming more important to customers. Because we know what customers are interested in, as well as how 3PLs operate, we can help match the two for your benefit. Our experts assess your IT strategy and plan and identify gaps and opportunities.

Building Customer Relationships: A key issue permeating the 3PL industry is how to best relate to customers. This topic has many facets and ramifications—from how to best measure performance, to the best way to maintain productive relations with multiple customer levels. We have the right experience with both parties to facilitate value-added relationships.

Organization Development and Change Management (ODCM): We assess organizations, redesign them, and/or modify roles and responsibilities to make them more efficient and productive. Our change management services are proven to cause real change that is sustainable, which is more important than ever as 3PLs grow and seek organizational excellence.

Finding the Right Talent: How can you obtain and develop talent that will optimize your supply chain? For more information on this topic, read Spotlight on Third-Party Logistics (3PL): Supply Chain Talent Report.


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