Private Equity

Tompkins has the solutions that private equity firms need

Tompkins has the solutions that private equity firms need to create operating profits, increase shareholder value, and improve supply chain engineering. We understand how private equity’s main focus has evolved from buying and selling companies as quickly as possible to engineering portfolio companies’ supply chains for profit and value.

We concentrate on the times in which supply chain is most critical to a merger & acquisition (M&A):

  1. Due diligence
  2. First 100 days
  3. Long-term Supply Chain Excellence

Why is Tompkins Unique?

We have strong experience across major industries including retail, consumer products, pharmaceutical, food and beverage and 3PLs, and we understand the industry benchmarks and best practices. By leveraging this knowledge and data, we are able to quickly provide a strategic plan that pinpoints what should be done now, next and later.

Meeting Your Challenges

Obstacles can arise in making supply chain strategy part of your firm’s M&A strategy. We help you meet these challenges head-on, including major ones such as:

  • Ensuring that Key Goals Are Met – Tompkins works with you on three key goals – all of which lead back to the supply chain.
    1. Profitable Growth: Generates actions engaged in capturing new markets and customers, as well as outperforming competitors.
    2. Margin Improvement: Leads to actions engaged in reducing costs of goods sold and improving speed and productivity.
    3. Capital Efficiency: Results in reducing working capital and fixed assets.
  • Integrating Supply Chains– Private equity firms routinely conduct financial due diligence when acquiring a company but often ignore the equally important supply chain due diligence. We ensure that supply chain strategy is integrated with overall M&A strategy.
  •  Assessing Supply Chains – Targeted assessments of a supply chain’s organizational structure, IT capabilities, and strengths and weaknesses help validate assumptions and identity hidden values and costs.

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Freight Rates – A Nightmare to Manage?

In today’s very competitive domestic trucking environment, shippers are being deluged with a variety of pricing options, including varying base rates, varying discounts, numerous accessorial fees and scaled fuel surcharges.

White Paper

Dimensional Weight Pricing

Dimensional Weight pricing for parcel has been activated for a couple of months now and the realities are setting in for those impacted by it. This white paper addresses some thoughts about what companies can do to combat dimensional weight pricing now that it is here.


Designing for Material Handling Excellence

Tompkins International recently celebrated our 15th year as a Material Handling Integration firm.


4 Questions About Supply Chain Illusions

As a company morphs from one business model to the next so to must their supply chain.


Supply Chain Network Design: Picking the Right Tool for the Job

Supply chain network design activities are essential for keeping supply chain operating efficiently and effectively.


The Evolution of Private Equity and Why Supply Chains Take Center Stage

The new white paper, Employing Available Capital Wisely, was written by business strategy expert Gene Tyndall. It is a great guide on how operational excellence creates economic value. Get the white paper here:   If today’s private equity industry would have been the same 20 years ago, I would be in the private equity business…

Client Success Story

Integration Due Diligence – Operations Assessment for Merging of Two Retail Chains

After recently investing in two specialty electrical retailing companies, a private equity group wanted to know if it could combine both companies’ operations into a single network. It wanted to analyze the distribution processes, facilities, and network to see if the consolidation would be a plausible solution.

Client Success Story

Reducing Supply Chain Costs through Distribution Network Assessment

Despite expansion and growth, a provider of full-service component meal systems was facing uncertain future sales. The company was seeking to assess its distribution network and reduce overall supply chain costs.

Client Success Story

Private Equity Firm Seeks Post-Acquisition Supply Chain Assessment

After acquiring a major contact lens distributor, this private equity firm wanted to complete a post-acquisition assessment to identify improvement opportunities.

Client Success Story

Consolidation Review

A company was seeking a consolidation review to understand potential outcomes of an acquisition.

Client Success Story

Company Seeks China Market Study and Entry Strategy

A soft home goods company wanted to sell its products in China and needed to identify the best entry strategy for the market.

Client Success Story

Due Diligence for Private Equity Firm

A private equity firm was interested in purchasing the brake division of an automotive aftermarket company, and they needed to know the impact of the purchase on their transportation and distribution operations.


Top Supply Chain Challenges for Consumer Products Companies in 2013


Supply Chain Operations: The Path to Value Creation for M&A

Even though the global economy is sluggish and unpredictable, opportunities for M&A activity are shaping up to be attractive in the next 12 to 24 months. However, companies will not see the same high returns and quick exits of earlier times.

White Paper

Leveraging Supply Chains for Increased Long-Term Value

Supply chains have the potential to create long-term value for companies that act upon it. Tap into new areas of innovation through the value creation framework that is outlined in this white paper, including profitable growth, margin improvement, and capital efficiency.


Lessons Learned From Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

The future of the pharmaceutical industry will be in Europe and Asia as well as North America, which requires tailoring drugs and treatments to those markets, both urban and rural. Integrating the global supply chain for pharmaceutical markets will be essential to the industry. See some key lessons learned by the industry going forward.


M&A in High-Tech Industry

Undoubtedly, with the strong cash flow position of large high-tech companies, M&A will continue to be a driving force in expanding local and global opportunities.


Mergers and Acquisitions Heat Up in Food and Beverage Industry

Clearly, M&A is hot again in food and beverage, and ultimately the trend we have seen for decades will continue: the big get bigger. At the same time, smaller firms are eagerly planning their own growth strategy.


Mergers and Acquisitions in Emerging Markets of the Consumer Products Industry

A number of larger consumer products firms are adapting an aggressive stance and seeking large merger and acquisition deals in emerging markets for their products, while others are pursuing smaller tuck-in acquisitions to shore up their market position. Merger and acquisition activity is alive once more in the consumer products industry.


Food & Beverage Manufacturers, Retailers Seek New Ways to Drive Growth

Some food and beverage manufacturers are seeking new product packaging, line extensions, and pricing and promotions to win over customers, but will it be enough? See what new ways these companies are improving their sales.

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