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The market for third party logistics service providers is expected to continue to grow,as shippers look for new and innovative ways to reduce their costs, shed non-core competencies and improve their competitive positions.

This creates new opportunities for shippers working with a third party logistics provider, but can also bring challenges.

Key challenges facing the third party logistics service provider include:

The Asia Opportunity — Do you know how to leverage the huge Asia opportunity? China and Asia present unique challenges as the region shifts from being the world’s factory floor to a booming global marketplace. Learn more about Asia supply chain excellence.

Achieving Profitable Growth — Targeting specific industries and geographies, business expansion with current 3PL clients and offering high value services are important strategies for profitable growth.

Improving Operating Margins — Standardizing processes and solutions by customer segment, managing scope and achieving optimal pricing to sell value, not costs, are just a few of the opportunities for logistics service providers to improve operating margins.

Maintaining Operational Excellence– Logistics service providers are striving to apply lean practices in all operations and are looking to align for organizational effectiveness and use organizational design, change management, training and mentorship to achieve maximum performance.

Driving Competitive Differentiation — Leading 3PLs need to develop value-based relationships supported by solution innovation and speed to enable supply chain performance to become a true differentiator for the customer.

Optimizing Portfolio Design — Logistics service providers can get caught in the trap of expectation of service delivery that is not supported by the people, processes and technologies needed to cope with changing customer needs.

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Whether you are focused on profitable growth, margin improvement, operational excellence with competitive differentiation or portfolio optimization, Tompkins International is a supply chain execution firm that is well qualified to establish a growth strategy for logistics and help you achieve your goals. Join the Tompkins Supply Chain Consortium for Logistics Service Providers (LSPs): A new way for LSPs to benchmark.


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Tompkins International’s logistics consulting helps you in your goals to for profitable growth, margin improvement, operational excellence, competitive differentiation and portfolio optimization with our model for 3PL success. Download this PDF to see the full services and solutions Tompkins delivers and what we do for 3PL success. Delivering Services & Solutions for 3PLs.



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