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No one can predict with any certainty what the future will bring for high technology companies. The only thing that can be truly certain is that the uncertainty of the past few years will not end quickly.

As the industry begins moving forward, tomorrow’s high-tech and electronics supply chains will continue to face the industry issues and supply chain challenges of:

  • Pressure on Prices – Combat margin erosion by moving production to lower cost locations, outsourcing manufacturing and logistic services while maintaining the focus on product innovation and satisfying the customer.
  • Short Product Lifecycles – Technology windows continue to shorten, with the highest profits realized by the first. The new offerings require planning of the end-to-end development, manufacturing and order fulfillment processes at a very early stage.
  • Mass Customization – Companies must adopt a customer-oriented approach, but achieve economies of scale in manufacturing through “configure-to-order” products supported by new supply chain processes.
  • Globalization – The need for production, logistics and marketing coordination puts pressure on an organizations’ ability to collaborate, communicate and coordinate across borders. Distances, languages, time zones and regulatory differences make this increasingly difficult. The use of free trade zones and understanding of trade agreements are key to globalization.
  • The Asia Opportunity – Do you know how to leverage the huge Asia opportunity? China and Asia present unique supply chain challenges as the region shifts from being the world’s factory floor to a booming global marketplace. Learn more about Asia supply chain excellence.
  • Strategic Market Planning -This fast-paced market calls for external strategic market analysis plans to understand both competitors and technology.

Supply Chain Solutions

Tompkins International, a supply chain execution firm, focuses on end-to-end supply chain solutions for high-tech and electronics companies that embrace supply chain excellence. Tompkins’ global reach includes offices in North America, Europe, and Asia, including Tompkins International EMEA, based in Germany.

Tompkins’ global supply chain capabilities include assisting businesses to both establish operations in Asia and to improve their processes and performance as part of their overall supply chain strategies.

Strategic Market Planning for High Technology Companies

Tompkins is well-positioned to serve high technology clients in the support of their strategic market planning objectives. Achieving market leadership is what most companies strive for, but few achieve, especially on a sustainable basis.

For companies in technology-driven businesses, the challenge is all the more formidable because of the continuous and rapid change in technology as well as the marketplace. Tompkins can assist in the development of an understanding of market segments, competition, dynamics of product acceptance and the problems the customer needs to solve; the external market issues to drive performance for your company.

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