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Major shifts are occurring in the consumer products industry, as retailers and manufacturers struggle with rapid changes in customer demands and e-commerce growth. Complexities of today’s global economy and requirements of highly mobile customers have changed the game for most consumer products organizations.

Why is Tompkins Unique?

As industry thought leaders, our experts design and implement innovative supply chain solutions that are customized for each client. We also offer exclusive benchmarking and best practices capabilities through the Tompkins Supply Chain Consortium.

Our end-to-end supply chain knowledge means your company will receive a comprehensive, real-world analysis and implementation suited specifically to your needs. We provide consumer products business strategy, supply chain strategy, technology and facility design, and solutions implementation.

Meeting Your Challenges

We can help you address challenges such as:

  • Multichannel Logistics: It is no longer about how you deliver products to customers, but rather how customers choose to have products delivered. How many channels does your operation currently support? What do your customers expect? Our experts can help you optimize your operation to meet the growing expectations of your customers.
  • Same-Day/Next-Day Delivery: Growing customer expectations have pushed retailers and consumer products companies toward same-day delivery and next-day delivery as a core part of their e-commerce growth. Companies who are unable to meet this challenge can risk losing customers to those with faster and more agile supply chains.
  • Inventory: The best performing companies have become demand-driven, sensing demand signals and reacting within a limited window of time. Once companies become demand-driven, they are able to optimize inventory at each link in the supply chain and greatly reduce total inventory levels with superior customer service.
  • Transportation: Top companies are able to isolate demand to the point where they are able to make direct shipments to customers from their U.S. plants or international sources. Transportation management systems (TMS) are also being used to integrate inbound and outbound transportation as well as manage inter-facility transfers.
  • Distribution Operations: The current business climate dictates reductions in operating expenses and greater productivity, which results in more advanced warehouse management systems to facilitate improvements to their distribution center operations.Consumer products companies that do not have the internal capabilities or wish to quickly expand their distribution networks often rely on Third-Party Logistics Providers (3PLs).
  • The Global Opportunity: Do you know how to leverage opportunities in Europe and Asia? Being a global player presents unique supply chain challenges as regions shift to a booming global marketplace.


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