Competing with the Big Dogs: Standing Up to Google and Amazon

View the webinar on-demand

View the webinar on-demand

Roughly a year after Amazon announced its foray into the B2B marketplace via, Google began testing its “Shopping for Suppliers” beta program, which aims to win over procurement managers by bringing the simplicity and comprehensive search function Google is known for to B2B purchases.

And these web juggernauts show no signs of slowing: According to a recent Tompkins International report, Amazon’s dedicated industrial B2B site could lead to its dominance in the MRO market, whether industrial distributors realize it or not. This creates a critical crossroads where distributors must address strategy before structure.

Download the PDF of the presentation from a recent webinar in which Jim Tompkins, the founder and CEO of Tompkins International, discussed how distributors can:

  • Prevent the slow but steady erosion of sales and margins as Amazon fine tunes inventories, leverages its delivery proposition, and tackles the technical support side of the equation.
  • Develop an e-commerce strategy that supports their abilities to make technical sales.
  • Achieve true multi-channel operations excellence – the future of distribution.