Client Success Stories

Distribution Consolidation Retrofit

Distribution Consolidation and Retrofit

Healthcare company finds significant budget savings after consolidation and retrofit of distribution operations.

Transportation Management System - Global Trade Management (TMS-GTM)

Private Equity Firm Seeks Market Evaluation for Investment

Tompkins conducted a market evaluation for a private equity firm that was looking to invest in new technology. Since the client moved forward with the investment, nearly two-thirds of supply chain leaders now utilize this new technology.


Manufacturer Conducts Distribution Network Analysis

This power tool manufacturer needed to analyze its existing distribution network in order to lower costs and improve service levels to dealers.

Automotive Parts

Leader in Global Automotive Products Revitalizes Asian Sourcing Strategy

After transitioning most of its sourcing to Asia, this automotive products company found itself lacking in strategy. Find out how Tompkins helped this leading brand not only develop a smart Asian logistics and sourcing strategy, but also a detailed roadmap for implementation.


Growing E-Commerce Company Seeks Distribution and Network Plan

As a rising leader in the e-commerce industry, this company was in critical need of a comprehensive network analysis and distribution plan in order to keep up with its surging demand.


Determining Operating Model for Inventory Visibility and Agility

A global retail company was experiencing a growth in sales through its multichannel operations. This surge was limiting visibility of its inventory. The company needed a strategic plan that would fully support its inventory visibility and cross-channel business.


Integration Due Diligence – Operations Assessment for Merging of Two Retail Chains

After recently investing in two specialty electrical retailing companies, a private equity group wanted to know if it could combine both companies’ operations into a single network. It wanted to analyze the distribution processes, facilities, and network to see if the consolidation would be a plausible solution.


Home Construction Industry Manufacturer Conducts Transportation Assessment

A manufacturer in the home construction industry was moving toward a job-specific product sales and delivery model. In order to best implement the new program, it needed to identify savings, assess processes and technology in use, and develop a plan for nationalizing the new model.


DC Analysis, Design Enhancements, and Warehouse System Implementation

Cosmetic Product Company Conducts Analysis of Its DC to Consolidate Operations


Beverage Company’s Less-Than-Truckload Rationalization

A coffee company with high store growth was introducing several new products and categories. In order to improve service and savings, the company needed to lower its incidence of less-than-truckload (LTL) freight.

Pharmaceutical Facility Upfit

Pharmaceutical Facility Upfit and Start-up Implementation Support

In light of a recent acqusition, this global pharmaceutical company needed support for a retrofit and start-up of its new facility.

Implementation of Supply Chain Programs

Implementation of Supply Chain Programs

A Canadian importer of frozen fruits and vegetables realized its costs were too high and its margins were too low. As a solution, the company needed to assess and develop programs for its supply chain.

Fulfillment Center Conceptual Design

Asian Fulfillment Center Conceptual Design

As one of China’s largest e-retailers, this company was looking for a high level design and economic analysis to improve its order fulfillment capability and logistics speed.

Reducing Supply Chain Costs through Distribution Network Assessment

Despite expansion and growth, a provider of full-service component meal systems was facing uncertain future sales. The company was seeking to assess its distribution network and reduce overall supply chain costs.

Private Equity Firm Seeks Post-Acquisition Supply Chain Assessment

After acquiring a major contact lens distributor, this private equity firm wanted to complete a post-acquisition assessment to identify improvement opportunities.

Inventory Optimization and Distribution Network

A national tire distributor wanted to optimize its distribution network in order to reduce costs and improve service.

Global Chemical Company’s Acquisition Strategy

In an effort to expand North American operations, a global chemical company needed to develop an acquisition strategy.

Consolidation Review

A company was seeking a consolidation review to understand potential outcomes of an acquisition.

Company Seeks China Market Study and Entry Strategy

A soft home goods company wanted to sell its products in China and needed to identify the best entry strategy for the market.

Develop Growth Strategy Leveraging Regional Final Mile Delivery Capabilities

A regional publishing company needed to create a business plan that would leverage its underutilized final mile delivery capabilities.