Managed Health Care Provider Documents Center Control Plan

Client Success Story

The client needed information technology procedures and processes to track essential documents through its client mailings.


The client is one of the nation’s largest managed health care providers. The company serves employer groups and Medicare beneficiaries in several states and territories with approximately four million members. Other specialty operations include  behavioral health services, life and health insurance, dental and vision services, pharmacy benefit management. The client  currently employs over 60,000 people and has one documents processing center.

Problem Statement

The client lacked the necessary information technology procedures to efficiently track documents from the print center through  the client mailing process. Also, around 80 percent of the client’s employees were temporary, and, therefore, the company needed more workers to fully comprehend the documents process.


Tompkins created a documents center control plan and provided strategies and training for successful implementation of the new documents center.

For the documents center control plan, Tompkins:

· Recommended methodology to track and control printed materials received from the print center to a temporary storage location
· Recommended procedures to transfer work in progress from shift-to-shift or back to a temporary storage location
· Provided a detailed drawings of the two work areas pertaining to storage and work location identification
· Met with client management and hourly personnel directly involved in the documents process
· Recommended a list of additional equipment and materials that might be required to implement the training plan

To ensure implementation and complete training, Tompkins:
· Created a training plan describing each employee’s role in document control
· Recommended group training with document control for all personnel involved in documents processing
· Advised PacifiCare to use hands-on implementation of the documents control plan


With Tompkins’ assistance, the client was able to implement a Microsoft Access-based work dispatch routing system that issues a manual document control log tracking all documents movement. The client also made physical layout changes and installed new  secured storage equipment for checks and check vouchers.

Overall, the client improved its customer service and now has the potential to improve its productivity by eliminating search time for lost documents.