Caught Between the Tiger and the Dragon

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Caught Between the Tiger and the Dragon

By Jim Tompkins
ISBN: 1-930426-06-2

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The business novel Caught Between the Tiger and the Dragon is a modern-day fable that cleverly brings to life the ups and downs of business interactions with China and being under the thumb of a private equity company. Rich Morrison, the new CEO of a lingerie manufacturing company, feels as if he’s on a crazy, never-ending treadmill powered by a tightfisted overlord who thinks China holds the key to all riches and that financial forecasts can actually predict the future. From North Carolina to New York City and finally to China, Rich navigates the stormy waters of today’s global business world with his executive team and his wife, Melissa. Along the way, he learns what he really wants out of life and how to get it. A compassionate and intelligent leader, Rich also learns how the tigers of the Western world and the dragons of the Chinese world can come together by developing and cultivating Guanxi.

What Are People Saying About This Book?

Read a review by Supply Chain Digest.

“Speaks to countless CEOs who are struggling with business interactions in China.”

“Very entertaining! This novel gives the reader a truly strategic approach to conducting business in China that includes maintaining the critical elements of customer service, product quality, and trading partner relationships.”
–Robert Nardone, President, Supply Chain Guidance LLC

“This book sheds light on the mystery of doing business in China and helps close the gap in understanding between Western and Asian business practices. A nice introduction to Guanxi.”
–Steven Ganster, Managing Director, Technomic Asia

Caught Between the Tiger and the Dragon incorporates humor and suspense by telling a great story of leading while learning in the world of global business.”
–Nick LaHowchic, President, DIANNIC, LLC