Bold Leadership

for Organizational Acceleration

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By Jim Tompkins

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Thousands of books on leadership have been written, but Bold Leadership is different because it teaches you how to quit thinking of leadership as just a ‘position.’ Begin leading dynamically by encouraging others and constantly learning. Find the courage to stop being too busy for relationships and enthusiasm. Bold Leadership is not about commanding and controlling – it is a human process, and the payoff can be enormous.

Author Jim Tompkins outlines his case for inspirational leadership, advises how to define the core competencies of your organization, and gives you the tools to respond to the boundless changes that seem the norm in our lives.

He also provides illuminating self-appraisals and current case studies about organizations like Google, Wal-Mart and IBM. Also included is a valuable and thorough assessment tool Jim gives to his own clients. Use it to take critical actions in all parts of your organization that will make or keep your business resilient.

The world has become a global village, and technology has made next-door neighbors of us all. We must keep up at an astonishing pace. Bold Leadership is the answer to this challenge, and it can forever change the way you operate within your organization and help you inspire others to achieve extraordinary success.