Supply Chain Intelligence

Supply Chain Analytics plus Supply Chain Benchmarking and Best Practices

Ever wish you could turn your supply chain inside-out? Quickly grasp how your operations are performing internally and compared to top companies in your industry?

Tompkins International’s new Supply Chain Intelligence SM accomplishes this feat by combining the full power of supply chain analytics and benchmarking. The equation is simple yet strong:

Through Supply Chain Analytics backed by SaaS, the walls between isolated departments of your company disappear to reveal how inventory, finance, transportation, distribution and other operations are performing.

Scorecards allow you to customize the view and adjust variables to gain greater insight into the best path to profitable growth.

The intuitive reports, scorecards, and dashboards allow users across your company to collaborate with external partners, without having to pass around outdated, manually developed spreadsheets.

Next add Supply Chain Benchmarking & Best Practices supported by a database of information from more than 500 of the world’s top companies in the Tompkins Supply Chain Consortium. Directly compare your supply chain strategies, operations and processes to those of your industry peers and learn how they achieve exceptional performance in the real world.

AMR Research recently identified the Supply Chain Consortium as one of the pre-eminent and most diverse sources for supply chain benchmarking in North America. You will benefit from metrics gained within the consumer packaged goods, industrial, high technology, retail, pharmaceutical and logistics service provider vertical markets.

Supply Chain IntelligenceSM is more than analytics and data; it is beyond benchmarking. It is intelligence that will drive your organization to a new era of supply chain visibility, business improvement and return on investment.

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