Tompkins Supply Chain Consortium for Third Party Logistics Providers

Benchmarking helps companies achieve profitable growth by pinpointing areas for improvement and revealing deficiencies. Third party logistics providers can now benefit from this same opportunity.

The newly formed Tompkins Supply Chain Consortium for 3PLs is your source for benchmarking and best practices. Through the Consortium, 3PLs — also known as logistics service providers and contract logistics providers — will gain a strategic advantage and be able to better support their clients by aligning with key industry stakeholders and leveraging benchmarking and best practices of the end-to-end supply chain.

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3PL Membership Benefits

  • Gain higher visibility of your company profile  through a comprehensive data directory that shippers can access
  • Use a structured, data-driven process to know how you are performing relative to comparable 3PL and shipper managed operations.
  • Learn how to fully utilize benchmarking and best practices to improve your clients’ supply chains.
  • Develop a clear understanding of proven processes being used by leading, high-performance shipper and 3PL supply chains
  • Receive key inputs for the development of your strategic and tactical improvement plans
  • Gain exposure to leading supply chain experts at Consortium member companies and within Tompkins International
  • Get fact-based analysis and ideas from hot topic surveys, special surveys and research efforts on issues challenging 3PLs today
  • Utilize the reference library for training and development of your supply chain talent

Download the overview presentation for the Supply Chain Consortium for 3PLs (PDF).