Supply Chain Benchmarking and Best Practices

Benchmarking should be incorporated into an overall corporate strategy to create an awareness of what others are doing, broaden thinking beyond day-to-day responsibilities and ultimately lead to competitive advantage.

Benchmarking Solutions

Tompkins delivers supply chain benchmarking services aimed at introducing clients to the best practices of the world’s leading enterprises. Benchmarking and Best Practices incorporates the best elements of benchmarking metrics reviews and best practice initiatives.

  • Benchmarking compares your supply chain performance to that of your peers and to companies that are thought to be exceptional performers.
  • Best Practice Reviews identify the supply chain processes that have proven to deliver superior results in real world implementations.

Benchmarking and Best Practices

The Tompkins Benchmarking and Best Practices Process is benchmarking done right. The many benefits include.

  • Allows you to measure your performance against best-in-class companies and identify improvement opportunities.
  • Helps you understand how your operating practices compare to your competition and impact your ability to gain competitive advantage.
  • Broadens the thinking of your management team to include issues beyond their immediate responsibilities.
  • Provides breakthrough insights by looking across performance measures, processes, relationships, infrastructure requirements and more.
  • Defines scorecards with key performance indicators.
  • Helps prioritize improvement opportunities and build consensus behind the opportunities with the greatest ROI.

Benchmarking is an opportunity to learn where your supply chain operations stand and receive up-to-date industry specific information about what best practices are being employed. You’ll gain a greater ability to find out where and how you can improve your company.

Industry-Specific Best Practices Reviews

We are committed to information sharing that contributes to independent and unbiased conclusions. Benchmarking and Best Practices is industry-focused to ensure that it is detailed, actionable and relevant.

The industries we serve include:

Tompkins’s Benchmarking and Best Practices Process is applicable to retail, manufacturing, wholesale/distributor and service providers.

For more information on participating in either of these groundbreaking industry benchmark reviews, please e-mail us. Please visit the consortium website at

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